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About us

Radioavamusic is a music streaming service that is only active in streaming audio music. Radioavamusic started operating in 2022. Before the establishment, due to the familiarity and activity of Radioavamusic members in the field of music, it was decided to launch Radioavamusic as a music streaming startup.

The motive behind its establishment was the wide range of tastes in listening to different styles of music, which felt empty. Also, one of the most important goals of Radioavamusic establishment was to build websites and applications that allow users to have a better experience listening to music with an easy and simple environment.

Radioavamusic is now available to users with applications on Android, desktop and web platforms, which have various features such as various playlists, following artists, downloading songs, user participation in comments and likes, music radios, etc.

Radioavamusic team members include graphic designers, music and content management, communication responders, developers who operate according to domestic laws and regulations and are registered in the digital media organization samandehi website. Music artists and users can contact Radioavamusic .